Should I Learn Fiddle or Violin?
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Should I Learn Fiddle or Violin?

Are you a budding musician trying to decide between learning the fiddle or the violin? You’ve come to the right place! Learning either instrument can be a great way to hone your musical skills and have fun.

In this blog post, we will explore the similarities and differences between the fiddle and the violin, and help you decide which instrument is best for you and will answer your question “Should I learn fiddle or violin?”.

They’re the Same Instrument:

When it comes to learning an instrument, there’s often a lot of confusion about the difference between a fiddle and a violin. The truth is, they are actually the same instrument! While there are some slight differences in the way that the instrument is played, both a fiddle and a violin are technically the same.

The biggest difference between the two instruments is the type of music that they are used to play. Violins are generally used to play classical music such as symphonies, concertos, and solo pieces. On the other hand, fiddles are typically used for folk music such as Irish jigs and reels, bluegrass, and country tunes.

So if you’re looking to learn one of these instruments, it really comes down to personal preference and what type of music you want to play. Both instruments will give you a great foundation in learning the basics of stringed instrument playing. From there, you can choose to specialize in either type of music if you wish.

The good news is, learning either a fiddle or violin doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With the right lessons and practice, anyone can pick up either one of these instruments and become proficient in a short period of time. So why not give it a try and see which one suits you best?

They’re Used in Different Styles of Music

When it comes to deciding between learning the fiddle or violin, it’s important to note that they are used in different styles of music. The fiddle is an instrument traditionally associated with folk and country music, while the violin is more commonly found in classical music. Both instruments are bowed string instruments, but the main difference between the two lies in their style of play.

The fiddle is usually played with a quick, up-tempo style, often utilizing double stops and slides. On the other hand, the violin typically has a more lyrical sound and is used to play melodies with a greater range of expression.

If you’re a fan of folk or country music, learning the fiddle is probably the way to go. However, if you’re more interested in classical music, then the violin would be the better option. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be able to create beautiful music and hone your skills as a musician.

If You’re a Beginner, Start with the Violin

If you’re just starting out on your musical journey and are wondering whether you should learn fiddle or violin, it’s important to consider a few factors before deciding. The biggest difference between these two instruments is the type of music they are used to play. Violin is typically used to play classical music, while fiddle is used to play folk and country music.

The first step in deciding which instrument you should learn is to think about what kind of music you want to be able to play. If you are looking for an instrument that can be used for both classical and folk/country music, the violin is probably the better choice. However, if you have a strong preference for one style of music over the other, it would make more sense to pick up either the fiddle or violin depending on your musical preference.

Another factor to consider when deciding between the fiddle and violin is the level of difficulty associated with each instrument. Generally speaking, the violin is considered to be more difficult to learn than the fiddle. This is because the technique and posture required to play the violin is far more complex than that needed for the fiddle. So if you are a beginner who is just getting started with learning an instrument, the violin is likely a better option as it will provide a more gradual learning curve.

No matter what your musical preferences or skill level may be, both the fiddle and violin can be enjoyable and rewarding instruments to learn. Both of these instruments offer unique playing styles and a wide variety of musical genres that can be explored. Ultimately, it comes down to which instrument appeals most to you and fits your individual needs.

If You’re More Experienced, Consider the Fiddle:

If you’re a more experienced musician looking to challenge yourself, learning the fiddle is a great way to do it. Fiddles are used in traditional folk music, bluegrass, and other styles, so they require a different skill set than the violin. You’ll need to learn new bowing techniques, different types of ornamentation, and be able to adjust your playing to fit the style. It’s a great way to improve your musicianship and expand your repertoire.

While the violin and fiddle can both be used to play classical and folk music, fiddles typically have a darker tone and are designed to be played louder than violins. Fiddles also use thicker strings and are usually tuned a full step lower than the violin. This gives them a more distinct sound and makes them better suited for certain types of music.

Additionally, fiddlers generally sit on chairs or stools when playing. This allows them to use their body weight more effectively when bowing. This creates a much different feel than playing standing up with a violin, and can be much more tiring!

So if you’re a more experienced musician looking for a new challenge, consider picking up a fiddle. You’ll be able to explore new styles of music and hone your craft at the same time.

In the End, It’s Up to You:

If you’re considering learning an instrument, you may be wondering whether to learn the fiddle or the violin. The choice may seem daunting, but in the end, it comes down to what type of music you would like to play and your personal preference.

The fiddle and the violin are both string instruments, however, they have some distinct differences. A fiddle is played with a more relaxed technique than a violin, which is typically seen as a classical instrument. Fiddle music is often played in folk and country styles, while a violin is better suited for classical pieces. In addition, a fiddle typically has a more mellow tone than a violin.

When deciding which instrument to learn, it’s important to think about the type of music you would like to play and how comfortable you are with the technical aspects of each instrument. Both the fiddle and the violin require a good amount of practice and dedication. As with any instrument, it’s important to find an instructor that can provide guidance and help you master the techniques of your chosen instrument.
At the end of the day, choosing between the fiddle and the violin comes down to personal preference. Take some time to think about your goals and decide which instrument best suits your needs. No matter what instrument you choose, you’ll be sure to have lots of fun learning it!


When it comes to learning an instrument, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether you should learn fiddle or violin. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and what you would like to get out of your musical journey. Fiddle music is often seen as more upbeat and lively than traditional violin music, so if you are looking for a more energetic style, then the fiddle may be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more classical sound, then you may find that a traditional violin is better suited to your tastes. No matter which path you choose, learning a stringed instrument can be a rewarding experience that will open up new worlds of music to explore.

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